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Meet the Dogs

Meet some of the senior dogs helped by The Grey Muzzle Organization. We provide grants to support lifesaving, innovative senior dog programs across the country. These are just a few of the senior dogs who got their second chance thanks to the work of our grantees and the generosity of our supporters.

Please consider making a life-changing gift today to help even more at-risk senior dogs get the second chance they so deserve.


To learn more about the organizations we fund, see our Grants Recipients page. The dogs featured here have found their forever homes, but you can find adoptable senior dogs on our Senior Spotlight page.

dog amongst stuffed animals

Sir Bradley

How we helped

This is one of the most beautiful before/after success stories we’ve ever seen. After spending a decade of his life at the end of a chain, Sir Bradley is now surrounded by the comforts of home and treasured by a family who adores him! 

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scruffy white pup


How we helped

Rashka, a 16-year-old Maltese/Miniature Poodle mix, was surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA after his owner noticed he had developed a cough and was losing weight. Their medical team found that he had a mass in his chest near his heart and lungs. While the mass is untreatable, it didn't slow down his wiggly, active, and outgoing personality. To give this happy boy the best chance at a loving home, he was placed for adoption through the SSPCA’s Pawspice program.

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jack russel dog


How we helped

After the bittersweet loss of their recently-adopted senior Lab mix, Lil Bit, a kindhearted family opened their hearts and home to another senior, 12-year-old Jackson the Jack Russell, in Lil Bit's honor. 

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black and white dog in car


How we helped

At eight years old, Rufus is all smiles with his new family after receiving many months of treatments for severe ear infections and heartworm disease. Thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant that you made possible, he's finally free of pain and looking forward to happy, healthy days ahead. 

Rufus' new mom said: "Our 11-year-old dog, Luther, passed away unexpectedly. Our hearts were broken, and I struggled with how empty the house felt without him.

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senior black lab with adopters


How we helped

Crew was rescued by our friends at Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida after waiting in a local shelter for over a month. His ears were so severely infected and had been untreated for so long that they were swollen shut. He even had a bruise on his head from shaking it so hard to alleviate the discomfort. With the help of a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Crew received the TLC he needed to heal and thrive.

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tan dog smiling


How we helped

Our friends at Hearts Alive Village Animal Clinic used their grant funds from Grey Muzzle to provide a diagnostic test that revealed Cushing's, which is thankfully a treatable disease.

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small white dog


How we helped

As a stray suffering from infected skin, 10-year-old Chuck became even more ill after arriving at an overcrowded shelter. He was having difficulty recovering and needed a quiet foster home where he could receive care. 

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senior yellow lab


How we helped

Dudley, a handsome, lovable 12-year-old Lab, received the care he needed and stayed by his mom's side thanks to help from a Grey Muzzle medical grant. In addition to supporting the adoption of senior dogs in their golden years, we are so honored to help our furry friends stay in their loving homes where they belong.

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white boxer sitting in front of the camera


How we helped

Through no fault of his own, Wyatt was returned to NorCal Boxer Rescue (NCBR) eight years after adoption. Thanks to help from a Grey Muzzle grant (and his natural charisma!), Wyatt quickly found his new—and truly forever—home.

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white dog with bandana


How we helped

Can you believe the transformation in Sophie's expression from her day of intake to that joyful "going home" smile? One of our favorite parts of helping senior dogs is seeing youthful happiness return to their faces once they receive the loving care they deserve. You can see the hopeful sparkle of love and life in Sophie's eyes!

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collie dog smiling at the camera


How we helped

When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you. Gorgeous 10-year-old gal, Maddie, has something to smile about after receiving the dental surgery she needed and getting adopted!

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black lab


How we helped

Two kindhearted women working for a local animal rescue noticed that Tucker was in desperate need of help and made it their mission to get him to safety. Since their organization was not set up for long-term senior care, they knew Tucker needed a more specialized rescue.

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