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Meet the Dogs

Meet some of the senior dogs helped by The Grey Muzzle Organization. We provide grants to support lifesaving, innovative senior dog programs across the country. These are just a few of the senior dogs who got their second chance thanks to the work of our grantees and the generosity of our supporters.

Please consider making a life-changing gift today to help even more at-risk senior dogs get the second chance they so deserve.


To learn more about the organizations we fund, see our Grants Recipients page. The dogs featured here have found their forever homes, but you can find adoptable senior dogs on our Senior Spotlight page.

Yorkie mix Clea


How we helped

Clea ended up at Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center in Oregon at nine-years-old after her owner passed away. Unfortunately, it was clear to the staff that this sweet Yorkie mix had not received proper health care for some time.

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Malaki and owner


How we helped

Super sweet Maliki, a 12-year-old Boxer mix, came to UCAN Spay & Neuter Clinic after his owner took him to a full-service veterinary clinic for evaluation because he was losing weight and not acting like himself.

Read more about Malaki


How we helped

Eleven-year-old Husky was rescued from a breeding facility after he was no longer useful as a stud dog. When Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) took him in, they realized that this beautiful golden was suffering from a lack of medical care.

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Senior pit bull


How we helped

Sweet Jacob is a lovable, forgiving senior who is ready to put his past behind him and live his best life, starting today!

Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge partnered with Jersey Pits Rescue to save this senior pit bull, using their Grey Muzzle medical grant to ensure he got the care he needed.

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Small dog on lap


How we helped

Pooky was one of 13 small senior dogs surrendered after their owner tragically passed away from Covid-19. Because of Grey Muzzle's continued investment in the senior "ISO" dog program, which focuses on helping dogs in Chicago's most heavily populated, open-admission shelters, One Tail at a Time was able to rescue all 13 seniors and place them in a loving foster home.

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Spuds with Kong


How we helped

Spuds came to the Anirmal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) as a stray. Upon entering their program, he received a routine medical evaluation and bloodwork ARL is able to offer all senior animals thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant. Sadly, his work up indicated Spuds was in renal failure. 

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Golden retriever


How we helped

Bristol is a happy-go-lucky, seven-year-old Golden Retriever who's just beginning her “golden years.” Her family thought she was “too old” to have puppies, so let her out in their yard unsupervised. Bristol is not spayed and apparently, had a visitor or two! Her owners were surprised by the arrival of unexpected puppies--they thought she was simply putting on some weight!

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Fawn boxer Tribianni


How we helped

Tribianni came into the care of Legacy Boxer Rescue (LBR) at age seven, after living his whole life outside, neglected and ill. He was very thin, his teeth were broken, his feet were raw and inflamed, and his body was covered with bare patches and scars. He had no training or socialization, and although he wanted to - he didn’t know how to behave around people.

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Grey Lhasa Apso Elvis


How we helped

Elvis was Anderson Humane Society’s very first “client” to benefit from their Grey Muzzle grant! This adorable 13-year-old Lhasa Apso was picked up as a stray. Anderson Humane was able to identify Elvis' owner, but sadly, the elderly gentleman could not afford any veterinary care for his beloved dog and was physically unable to keep him out of the road.

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White dog Pip with Grey Muzzle logo


How we helped

At 12-years-old, Pip is a constant companion for her mom and gives her great comfort. Pip’s mom is permanently disabled and on a limited, fixed income. Because Pip is with her all of the time, she didn’t believe it was necessary to have her spayed.

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Dachshund Gannon


How we helped

Gannon, a small but mighty 12-year old Dachshund, has found himself in and out of Lollypop Farm over the last couple of years due to his sassiness. It seems that in his golden years, he is a bit grumpier and his previous families have had trouble managing and working with his bad manners.

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German Shepherd Gus


How we helped

Gus and his dad Dave were inseparable for more than seven years. Even when Dave fell gravely ill, Gus was allowed to move into Dave’s room in a hospice home. Gus spent his days comforting Dave, but also visiting other residents, many of whom had lost their pets when moving into hospice.

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