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Meet the Dogs

Meet some of the senior dogs helped by The Grey Muzzle Organization. We provide grants to support lifesaving, innovative senior dog programs across the country. These are just a few of the senior dogs who got their second chance thanks to the work of our grantees and the generosity of our supporters.

Please consider making a life-changing gift today to help even more at-risk senior dogs get the second chance they so deserve.


To learn more about the organizations we fund, see our Grants Recipients page. The dogs featured here have found their forever homes, but you can find adoptable senior dogs on our Senior Spotlight page.

Little black poodle Raven


How we helped

When Misty Eyes Animal Center (in Indiana) was asked to help a tiny, half-blind, partially deaf miniature poodle, they could not refuse. This adorable 10-year-old named Raven was surrendered to a shelter lacking the resources to give her the care she needed.

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Harpo before and after


How we helped

Harpo is a bubbly and energetic senior fluff-ball, found as a stray and transferred to Muttville from a nearby municipal shelter. He was set to be euthanized because he had a necrotic ulcerated mass on his neck.

Read more about Harpo


How we helped

Thanks to The Grey Muzzle Organization's support, Jennie got the medical care she desperately needed for a fresh start.

Jennie was transferred to the Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) in January as part of CHS' partnership with municipal animal control agencies.

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White terrier mix Ginger in front of red flowers


How we helped

Ginger’s mom faces many barriers in getting her to the vet as she is disabled, does not drive and lives on a low income. So when Ginger suddenly had blood in her urine, her mom called the Animal Care Assistance Program (ACAP) in Virginia for help.

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Chihuahua mix Daisy


How we helped

Those of us who have lost a pet know the heartache that comes with it. This past year, the pandemic has exacerbated that pain.

Daisy, an eight-year-old Chihuahua mix, arrived at PAWS Atlanta just before Christmas.

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Pomeranian Foxy


How we helped

Fourteen-year-old Foxy was picked up as a stray in Virginia. She arrived at Richmond Animal League (RAL) with severely matted fur, cloudy eyes and a tongue that stuck out the side of her mouth.

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Husky Gecko


How we helped

Gecko had never been touched by a human his entire life. Rescued by NMDOG from a hoarding and neglect situation, they found him living in a hole he had dug with minimal provisions.

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Up close of Frenchie


How we helped

Adorable, ten-year-old Frenchie had bad doggy breath. Like many of us, her owner had not appreciated the importance of good oral hygiene throughout her life, and so Frenchie needed a little help to have a healthy smile.

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Grey Shih Tzu Beau


How we helped

Beauregard is a sweet, completely blind and deaf Shih Tzu. He was transferred to Pawmetto Lifeline and arrived matted, hungry, wet and freezing. This poor 17-year-old boy had been through a lot!

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Jelekeco, Geri and Rhino


How we helped

Jelekeco and Geri have both experienced multiple lay-offs due to COVID-19, so when their 11-year-old pit bull Rhino got sick, they needed a little help.

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Jack Russell terrier mix Jill


How we helped

Jill is a darling, eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix with a very spunky personality. This active girl came to the Animal Protective Foundation of Schenectady (APF) last fall as a stray. 

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Yorkie mix Leah

Leah & Jayde

How we helped

Leah and Jayde arrived at PAWS Connecticut together after their owner went into a long term care facility. The sisters had been bounced around with family members and finally ended up at the shelter.

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