We provide grant funding to save and improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs across the country. These are just a few of the thousands of senior dogs who got their second chance thanks to the dedication of our grantees and the generosity of supporters like you!

beige lab dog
13 YRS
When 13-year-old Hazel was surrendered to the shelter in June, she was severely overweight and struggling with multiple health issues. The clinic staff at Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA immediately fell in love with this easy-…
beige dog looking at camera
Senior girl Roxie was a stray who found herself in an overcrowded shelter in North Carolina. Petey and Furends stepped in to transport her to Washington D.C. in hopes that greater exposure may help her chances of being adopted.…
Yorkie in a tattooed hand
14 YRS
Carly's owners recently noticed that she wasn't her usual happy self. She was lethargic and not interested in eating. Concerned, they took 14-year-old Carly to their local ER, where she was diagnosed with a terrible infection.…
white chihuahua
Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue & Adoption Inc.
Sweet little Bart had a loving home, but sadly his owner developed health issues that prevented her from giving him the care he needed. She loved him so much that she made the incredibly difficult decision to do what was best for…
terrier in hat
During a 911 medical response in rural New Mexico, the fire department happened to come across Dukey at the residence. At ten years old, he was suffering from severe and untreated dry eye disease. This poor guy was in extreme…
black and grey chihuahua
Charming Pet Rescue
Best friends at 11 and 97 years old! Zorro and Margie came into each other's lives when they needed each other the most. Zorro found himself homeless and confused after his lifelong special person passed away. He was sad,…
Shelter from the Storm
Sweet senior Boulder is a puppy mill survivor. She was surrendered to Shelter From The Storm after eight years of receiving minimal to non-existent veterinary care, no social interaction, and no toys or treats that every dog…
brown and black dog
Maui Humane Society
We love when a senior dog's sad story gets a happy ending and a new beginning instead! At 15 years old, Chewpee the Chihuahua lost both of his owners within six months after they each sadly passed away. Family members noticed…
2 grey dogs
Sherlock and Watson
Animal Rescue New Orleans
Bonded pair Sherlock and Watson were rescued by Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) from a rural shelter where limited resources and overflowing animals meant these two seniors needed help. Upon examination, ARNO's medical staff…