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Meet the Dogs

Meet some of the senior dogs helped by The Grey Muzzle Organization. We provide grants to support lifesaving, innovative senior dog programs across the country. These are just a few of the senior dogs who got their second chance thanks to the work of our grantees and the generosity of our supporters.

Please consider making a life-changing gift today to help even more at-risk senior dogs get the second chance they so deserve.


To learn more about the organizations we fund, see our Grants Recipients page. The dogs featured here have found their forever homes, but you can find adoptable senior dogs on our Senior Spotlight page.

dog and man


How we helped

"Our Grey Muzzle grant made it easy for us to quickly respond when one of our local shelters reached out about a senior Yorkie Terrier brought in as a stray. One of our volunteers hopped in the car and was on the way."
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two dogs in a car

Bert & Ernie

How we helped

Senior bonded beagles Bert and Ernie were found wandering alone as strays. These best friends were clearly inseparable, and the staff at Harbor Humane in Michigan knew they needed to stay together.
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man and dog embracing


How we helped

Noel reached out to MSPCA-Angell's community outreach coordinator for assistance in getting Maruka an urgently-needed dental. Thankfully, MSPCA could get Maruka an appointment right away at the Cape Cod Community Clinic instead.
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yorkie and bassett hound

Sophia and Rudy

How we helped

Thanks to Grey Muzzle grant funding for medical care that you made possible, our friends at Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center could rescue this sweet duo and immediately provide the care and surgeries they needed to thrive. Instead of facing an uncertain future, Sophia and Rudy got their second chance together!

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2 dogs with adopter


How we helped

When Charming Pet Rescue announced their Silver Paws & Senior Hearts Program, which pays for all essentials and veterinary bills for those over 55 adopting a pet over seven years old, Gabriella knew her prayers for a family dog had been answered..

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dog with flower lei


How we helped

All senior adoptions are something to celebrate, but it's extra special when "long-timers" like finally find love again. Kula was adopted at ten years old after waiting ten months!
Read more about Kula
brown dog laying down


How we helped

At 12 years old, Mingo came to One Tail at a Time (OTAT) when he was in need of a new home. The vet team worked diligently to heal Mingo, but after a series of strokes and a consistent heart problem, the team decided that hospice care was the best option to keep him comfortable.

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split screen of two chihuahua mixes

Bentley and Tyson

How we helped

Even a hurricane couldn't break Bentley and Tyson's bond! At ten years old, Bentley and Tyson found themselves alone after their special person passed away. Thankfully, a kindhearted neighbor temporarily took these two best friends under her wing. But they all had another hardship to face. Hurricane Ian was bearing down on the state of Florida and would leave devastation in its wake.

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dog in the car


How we helped

At 13 years old, Hoss was surrendered when his family had a new baby. He was heartbroken emotionally and suffering physically from neglect. Covered in fleas, he had a painful, fractured tooth and tested positive for heartworm disease. Hoss desperately needed help to heal his body and his spirit.

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white chihuahua


How we helped

Sweet little Bart had a loving home, but sadly his owner developed health issues that prevented her from giving him the care he needed. She loved him so much that she made the incredibly difficult decision to do what was best for him.

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terrier in hat


How we helped

During a 911 medical response in rural New Mexico, the fire department happened to come across Dukey at the residence. At ten years old, he was suffering from severe and untreated dry eye disease. This poor guy was in extreme pain and completely blind. Thankfully, our friends at NMDOG quickly came to the rescue.

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black and grey chihuahua


How we helped

Best friends at 11 and 97 years old! Zorro and Margie came into each other's lives when they needed each other the most. Zorro found himself homeless and confused after his lifelong special person passed away. He was sad, lethargic, and fearful after his world was turned upside down. And Margie was suffering from depression and loneliness without companionship after recently moving to a senior living facility. Margie's daughter realized her mom needed a friend and came to Charming Pet Rescue to meet Zorro.

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