Small brown and white dog on green rug

A Doggie 4 You

Funded in 2024

A Doggie 4 You promotes spay/neutering of pets, transfers dogs from overcrowded shelters, rescues dogs from unsafe environments, and rehabilitates and rehomes them to loving homes.

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Brown golden retriever with crossed paws

Gold Ribbon Rescue

Funded 2022-2024

Gold Ribbon Rescue (GRR) is an all-volunteer organization in Austin, Texas, founded on a dream to provide safe, loving, lifetime homes for golden retrievers in need, regardless of age or medical condition.

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dog and man shaking hand/ paw

Charming Pet Rescue

Funded in 2022

Charming Pet Rescue is a home-based rescue with a fenced main yard where dogs are free to run and three separate yards for dogs that prefer a more relaxed environment. All have food and water stations throughout.

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