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Always in My Heart

This page is dedicated to the Grey Muzzle Always In My Heart donors who celebrate the pets they have cherished by making a special gift in their memory. 

**Please note: Our website is undergoing updates. If your pet's tribute appears incorrectly, please email**

Learn how to make an 'Always in My Heart' donation of $30 or more to support senior dogs in need nationwide.


Julie Johnson

You were & always will be so loved!


Michelle Kleyla

You were our rescue girl and what a gift you gave us. Miss you still and always!


Sandra Graham

Dear Baby Jack, it’s been 2 years today you’ve been gone. I miss you like it was yesterday! Yes, my angel, you live in my heart, but my arms cry out for you. Rest In Peace sweetheart til we meet again❤️ Love, mom



Yoko Baby! Always living life your way, bringing love and joy to all. Now having fun again with Kobi, Kati and Grace


Cullen & Ed Hicks

We miss you. You were, and your memories are blessings. We'll be back, with a cheeseburger! Looking forward to the tail wagging, face licking reunion. Love, Mom & Dad


From Amy for Dave H

Briley was a faithful friend and best buddy to Bruno. He was always there for Dave and appreciated all of the love Dave gave him. Briley is deeply missed and irreplaceable.


Jesse's Mom

Jesse - you came into my life at a very low point and made everything better, brighter and happier. You were the most gentle, loving and sweet friend.
You left too soon and can never be replaced, but you will live in my heart forever. Run free dear friend, chase those "burds", and eat as many "doodles" as you want. All my love.

black dog

Aimee White

Wonderful and beautiful in every way, now playing with Kobi & Kati


The Fotchuk Family

Ben came into our lives unexpectedly, but he was the best surprise. He taught us all so many things, but most of all strength and perseverance. Born without eyes, thyroid problems, Cushings, removal of 18 teeth, hearing loss, and pancreatitis....he never let ANYTHING stop him. He was a fighter up until the very end, and although we miss him terribly, we know he's happy and sitting at God's side. We love you, Ben!


Jean Burkhardt

Patches AKA Winky Dink was such a special beagle. We miss her WOOS and snuggling in bed. Gone TOO soon to Cushings.


Melissa Kauffman and Scott Andresen

Sweet Lilly died at almost 15 years old. The Kuruvilla family will miss her very much. RIP December 7, 2021.


Vicki and Karen

Jasper - the little dog with the big heart. We know you are thrilled to be reunited with your big sister Maddie and that the two of you are frolicking together over The Rainbow Bridge. Group campouts won't be the same without you. You will be missed!