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Always in My Heart

This page is dedicated to the Grey Muzzle Always In My Heart donors who celebrate the pets they have cherished by making a special gift in their memory. 

**Please note: Our website is undergoing updates. If your pet's tribute appears incorrectly, please email**

Learn how to make an 'Always in My Heart' donation of $30 or more to support senior dogs in need nationwide.

small white dog

Laura Weinrauch

Callie (November 5 1997 – August 18 2014) This is Callie at age 9. I adopted her at 7 weeks old. I was 29 and single at the time and needed her more than I could possibly know. I was blessed to have her for nearly 17 years and she and I amassed a mountain of loving, hysterical, wonderful memories that I will always cherish. To this day, despite having other dogs and the most amazing husband I could ever imagine, she remains the most important relationship I have ever had. She was mine and I was hers. She was so intuitive. She knew my moods.


Janet Poli Seavitte

My sweet little shadow we adopted at 10. She gave us 4 precious years and was our 4th Cairn. Those eyes of hers you got lost in. They said it all. Right into her soul. Such a beautiful girl. I miss her terribly. I’ll love you always.

black dog with white face
Bruce Lee


In memory of my animal soul mate. You brought a smile to the face of anyone who met you.

tan and black dog


In memory of the my first pothound who helped my find my second. My buddy who helped me during the good and bad times while away from home. He made the difficult days a lot less lonely. We will never forget you Dobey.

white dog on bird pillow


In memory of our cousin Rachel Newsome's much-loved companion.

scruffy beige dog


In honor of Samson - one of the best boys ever.

dark brown dog


To my best buddy who changed my life forever!!


Vicki and Karen

Paying it forward so that all dogs may find a forever home as loving as the one Aero found with the Mosley-Neil family.


Susan Malanowski

Magnus crossed the rainbow bridge on 11/10/22. He gave so much love and joy to John and our family during his short time with us. He will be forever remembered and missed.


David & Gretchen

We loved you dearly Kadi and we miss you so much!

black and grey spaniel

Kate & Evan

For our sweet old Mattie girl. Had her for 16 wonderful years. I love and miss her sweet gray muzzle.

black dog with grey muzzle

Linda J

You are missed, Sweet Girl.