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basset hound in grass

Suncoast Basset Rescue

Funded in 2023

This grant will provide dental care to senior basset hounds, preparing them for successful adoption. Nine-year-old Barry, one of the first dogs to benefit, was found wandering the streets. He will have a complete senior bloodwork panel done and several teeth removed, ensuring he is pain-free and ready for his forever home.

Suncoast Basset Rescue is a nonprofit that rescues abused and abandoned basset hounds. Based in Lake Worth, FL, and serving all areas of the state, the organization gives bassets a second chance. Since 2002, Suncoast Basset Rescue has helped over 5000 bassets.

small black dog in a pink shirt

St. Augustine Humane Society

Funded in 2022

The Grey Muzzle grant will offer a safety net to clients who need financial help  to pay for veterinary care. Grant funding will cover diagnostic, medical, dental, and preventative services for senior dogs like 15-year-old Kylie. Kylie’s gum disease was causing her pain and leading to other health complications, but the cost of dental work from a private veterinarian was simply more than her family could afford. The St. Augustine Humane Society performed lifesaving dental surgery, and now Kylie is enjoying her best life at home with her family.

The St. Augustine Humane Society promotes lifelong pet ownership by promoting the health and well-being of companion animals in St. Johns County, FL. Their programs are designed to reduce the number of pets entering shelters. They honor the love people have for their pets by offering veterinary pet wellness programs, medical care, and other resources, ensuring every pet has the chance to live a happy, healthy life. The St. Augustine Humane Society provides hope, healing and recovery.

fuzzy white sheep dog

The Pet Cottage

Funded in 2022 and 2023

Support from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help cover the cost of medical care for dogs like Grover, a bearded collie mix who lost his mom suddenly nearly five years ago. Thankfully, his mom's dear friends rallied around Grover to keep him out of the shelter and ensure he had care for life at The Pet Cottage Sanctuary. He enjoys daily walks and snuggling up with the smallest dogs in the pack. Although up there in age, he never shies away from a chew toy or playtime.

The Pet Cottage celebrates and protects the magical relationship between people and their pets by providing homestyle care for pets who lose their humans due to death, disability, or deployment. Through their unique programs, The Sanctuary Residency Program and The Lifelong Guardianship Program, they ensure pets have the home, care, and love they deserve--for life. The Pet Cottage is committed to senior dogs and pays for all medical expenses, including medications and preventatives.

small scrappy dog laying on ground

Nate's Honor Animal Rescue

Funded in 2021

Nate's Honor Animal Rescue (NHAR) provides a loving haven for rescued dogs and cats on their way to finding their forever homes. NHAR saves lives and works to create a supportive, family-friendly environment that inspires a bond between animals and those who love them. In the past 10 years, NHAR has worked collaboratively with local agencies to increase adoption rates from 500 animals a year, to more than 2000. 

With support from Grey Muzzle, Nate's Honor Animal Rescue is able to provide post-adoption support to adopters of senior pets with special needs. Typically, it takes 90 days for adopters to fully bond with their new pet, and medical expenses during that time often mean a return to the shelter. By providing three months of medication or follow-up treatment for a medical or behavioral issue, adopters have time to bond with their senior pet without worrying about unforeseen costs. 


The Pet Project

Funded in 2020

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will provide for more adoptions of mature dogs through the Senior Paws program, a partnership between The Pet Project and Broward County Animal Care (BCAC), to encourage the adoptions of senior dogs. BCAC showcases older dogs who are eligible for adoption through Senior Paws and their adoption fees, food, supplies, immunizations and needed veterinary care are provided by The Pet Project for the rest of their lives. This grant from Grey Muzzle will enable 40 older dogs, who would otherwise be passed over for adoption, to be placed in homes of their own with loving people who will care for them the rest of their lives.

The Pet Project for Pets, Inc., is one of the largest pet retention organizations in Florida. With headquarters in Broward County, The Pet Project enables people with limited incomes who are elderly, disabled, seriously ill or temporarily unemployed to keep their pets at home with them rather than surrender to shelters due to financial hardship.

Daisy Mae

First Coast No More Homeless Pets

Funded in 2020

The grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization will allow First Coast No More Homeless Pets to provide charitable veterinary care to approximately 32 senior dogs whose owners cannot afford it. This is especially significant in these challenging economic times as so many people are struggling financially and cannot afford the critical care their beloved family members need. Thanks to The Grey Muzzle Organization, senior dogs like Daisy Mae will not have to suffer. 

The mission of First Coast No More Homeless Pets is to make veterinary care affordable and accessible to all, save lives by keeping dogs and cats in homes and out of shelters, provide low cost spay/neuter services with emphasis on feral/community cats and deliver a broad range of related programs and services. Its veterinary clinic and hospital, both located in low-income neighborhoods of Jacksonville, Florida, serve approximately 90,000 clients annually. 

smiling golden hound

SPCA Florida

Funded in 2019 and 2023

SPCA Florida will use a Grey Muzzle grant to keep more families together. Funding will provide medical care and other resources to keep 40 senior dogs like Brian with the families who love them. The retention department will reach out to senior dog owners who are considering surrender to see how they can help. As needed, they will provide senior dogs with dental care,  medical treatment, or resources such as food, bowls, crates, or carriers.

SPCA Florida is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, and founded in 1979. Dedicated to improving the lives of pets and people in the community, SPCA Florida provides care, compassion, and hope to thousands of homeless pets annually. SPCA Florida is a No-Kill organization on a mission to create a No-Kill Polk County by 2025.

black and brown pups on the bed

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

Funded from 2019 to 2023

The Grey Muzzle grant allows Poodle and Pooch Rescue (PPR) to launch their “Golden Ticket” program that prevents owners from surrendering senior dogs to rescues or shelters due to financial circumstances. A golden ticket will assist owners with things like medical expenses, diagnostic tests, or surgeries for their senior dogs. Funding helps dogs like Stormy and Sunny, a bonded senior pair whose owner was contemplating surrendering them because she couldn’t afford a needed surgery for Sunny and a specialist vet for Stormy’s medical problems. PPR was able to cover their medical expenses, and they remain with their person in the home they know and love. 

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida rescues dogs in need, focusing on seniors and those with special needs. The PPR mission is to save as many “leftover” dogs as possible. These are dogs that adopters and other rescue groups passed over, many of whom have particular medical needs or are older or fearful due to past abuse or neglect.

woman and dog in car with open door

Jacksonville Humane Society

Funded from 2019 to 2023

A Grey Muzzle grant will support the adoption of senior pets in Jacksonville Humane’s Adoption, Education and Pet Help Center. Grant funds will help ensure senior pets are healthy, happy, and ready to head to their new homes. Also, it will help JHS highlight one special senior dog every month to help find their new, loving family. This gift will support dogs like eight-year-old Vonna, who was found in the backyard of an abandoned home with two puppies. After her puppies were adopted, Vonna was spayed (no more puppies for this old girl!), treated for heartworms and adopted by her new best friend, all thanks to Grey Muzzle! 

The Jacksonville Humane Society provides care, comfort, and compassion to animals in need while engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of their community to end the killing of abandoned and orphaned shelter animals.

Small daschund standing in front of a blue background

Leon County Humane Society

Funded from 2017 to 2018

The grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization will help Leon County Humane Society (LCHS) to continue the growth of our senior dog program with a goal of accepting 50 senior dogs into their care within a 12 month period.  Most senior dogs entering LCHS have multiple issues requiring medical attention.  This grant will help to care for and find loving adoptive homes for senior dogs like Coco, a 10- year-old dachshund who was transferred from a high-intake animal shelter and, with help from the Grey Muzzle Organization, received dental care with extractions and surgery to repair a hernia. 

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Founded in 1960, the Leon County Humane Society (LCHS) is a private rescue organization serving Florida's capital city of Tallahassee, as well as the surrounding rural counties.  LCHS receives between 600-800 animals every year with an emphasis on those animals in need of more extensive medical or behavioral attention.  Formed in 1960, LCHS has since been dedicated to matching families with homeless pets and educating the community about responsi

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