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North Carolina

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Friends of Madison County Animals

Funded in 2023

Thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, Friends of Madison County Animals will be able to help senior dogs with veterinarian assistance, giving them the medical care they need, and enabling them to remain in their homes as healthy, senior canine family members. Funding will help dogs like Bella, who received treatment for a broken leg.

Friends of Madison County Animals' mission is to improve the lives of dogs and cats by providing low-cost spay-neuter, a pet food pantry, veterinary care assistance, free flea and tick treatments, dog houses and straw, and fencing as an alternative to permanent chaining.

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Hope Animal Rescue

Funded in 2022

Support from The Grey Muzzle Organization will allow Hope Animal Rescue to expand its pet assistance program that offers subsidized veterinary care through local partner vet clinics, pet supplies (e.g. crates, bedding), and food. The program is available to pet guardians throughout the community, including alumni of Hope Animal Rescue’s adoption program, dogs like Roxy who has settled in with her forever family after being treated for heartworm disease.

Hope Animal Rescue is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs in North Carolina. The rescue promotes the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals and the bond between people and their pets. Since their founding in 2013, Hope Animal Rescue has enhanced the lives of thousands of companion animals and their families through its foster, adoption, and pet assistance programs.

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Angel's Retreat

Funded in 2021

Angel’s Retreat’s mission is to help all homeless dogs, regardless of breed, age or size, to find their forever home. Dogs receive basic medical care, including spay/neuter, vaccinations and a microchip, prior to adoption. A senior/hospice program ensures older dogs get needed medical care to live out their lives happily and pain-free. 

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will help Angel’s Retreat provide medical care to senior dogs. Whether the dogs are adopted into forever homes or remain in foster care, they will be happy and loved during their golden years. 


Humane Society of Catawba County

Funded in 2020

A grant from Grey Muzzle will provide 50 to 100 percent reduction in pre-surgical bloodwork cost to Humane Society of Catawba County’s (HSCC) patients’ families who wish to have their senior dog spayed/neutered at their low-cost Foothills Spay/Neuter Clinic. With this grant, all senior patients’ owners will receive 50% off the cost of bloodwork, and those owners who are seniors themselves or Disabled American Veterans will have no charge for their pet’s bloodwork (normally $100 for dogs 6 and up). Their hope is that by providing reduced or no-charge pre-surgical bloodwork, more senior dogs will receive spay/neuter surgery, enhancing their overall health and reducing pet overpopulation. 

Founded in 1998, the Humane Society of Catawba County’s (HSCC) mission is to make the Catawba County (North Carolina) community a better place by serving as an advocate for companion animals. HSCC’s vision for the future is that no adoptable animal will be euthanized in Catawba County, and that animal cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals will cease to exist. HSCC’s facility features the Pat Anderson Center for Animal Adoption and Humane Education Center as well as the Foothills Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Watauga Humane Society

Funded 2017, 2018, and 2021

The Grey Muzzle Organization funding will help WHS expand its foster program with an emphasis on senior dogs, including establishing a virtual foster program in which senior dogs get one-on-one attention from a dedicated volunteer. Although the number of animals WHS takes in has decreased in recent years, the dogs that do enter WHS  remain in care longer due to health issues, behavior issues, or age. Expanding the foster program will allow WHS to provide senior dogs with individualized attention and help them find their forever home more quickly.

Watauga Humane Society (WHS) is an open admission facility serving rural northwestern North Carolina and caring for animals picked up by Watauga County Animal Control. WHS is committed to diligent work to keep animals in their homes, prevent unwanted litters, and find all animals a forever home. 

Yellow lab Macdougle

Peak Lab Rescue

Funded from 2017 to 2019

This grant is made possible by the generosity of Laurel H. in memory of her beloved dog Rosie.

The Grey Muzzle grant will support the Labs 4 Life program, which, since its inception in 2016, has sought to end homelessness and improve the lives of senior Labs and Lab mixes in North Carolina. The program has four goals: (1) identify, pull, and transport senior Labs who face uncertain futures in shelters throughout North Carolina; (2) provide behavioral training, adaptive equipment, and medical treatment that will allow owners who are either financially or physically unable to care for their beloved dogs to keep their senior Labs in their homes; (3) address the medical and dental needs of the senior Labs rescued, including providing senior-specific diagnostic testing such as blood work, x-rays and urinalysis, as well as heartworm treatment; and (4) educate the public about the benefits and joys of adopting or fostering a senior Lab.

Peak Lab Rescue saves Labs and Lab mixes throughout North Carolina from abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Last year, they saved more than 850 dogs, making Peak Lab the largest foster-based dog rescue in the state. They are committed to saving as many senior Labs as possible and giving them the best quality of life in their final years.

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Humane Society of Charlotte

Funded in 2017 and 2021

With support from The Grey Muzzle Organization, the Humane Society of Charlotte will increase pet retention rates for senior dogs in their community and provide medical care for senior dogs in the shelter. Their goal is to prevent the surrender of senior dogs by helping pet owners. By providing veterinary care, behavior and training assistance, and end- of- life care for at least 75 senior dogs, they will increase the community’s pet retention rate by 3% during 2021 and keep senior dogs in their homes with the people who love them. Grant funding will also provide 100 senior dogs in HSC’s shelter with the special medical care they need to find new loving families. 

The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) was founded in 1978 as a community resource committed to delivering effective, innovative services that strengthen the human-animal bond and improve the lives of companion animals and the people who care about them.  They are one of the leading animal welfare agencies in the Southeast, and have provided ongoing support and care to thousands of pets and people.

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Asheville Humane Society

Funded from 2017 to 2023

The Grey Muzzle Organization’s support allows Asheville Humane Society to provide critical veterinary care for senior dogs in their community. By providing veterinary care for those who might otherwise not be able to afford it, they keep pets out of the shelter and in their homes with the people who love them most. GMO also helps AHS provide Adoption Care Packages for senior dogs waiting for their forever homes. The packages include needed medication, veterinary or behavior vouchers, or prescription food to help adopters care for senior dogs like Deohgee. 

Sweet senior hound Deohgee had been in and out of the shelter since 2019. To set his adopter up for success, the AHS Adoption Team provided an Adoption Care Package that included a Freedom harness, treat pouch, and two months of medication and supplements. Thanks to The Grey Muzzle Organization, Deohgee is now living his best life with a new mom who loves him and lets him hog the bed!

Asheville Humane Society (AHS) rescues, reunites, rehabilitates, and rehomes thousands of homeless animals each year. They are dedicated to promoting the compassionate treatment of animals in the community through education, sheltering, and adoption. AHS operates the only open admission shelter in the county. They are there for animals who are lost, surrendered, neglected or mistreated, and who all deserve a loving family of their very own. They provide a soft bed, food, comfort, medical evaluation, medical treatment, vaccinations, and behavioral testing for each.

SPCA of Wake County

Funded from 2009 to 2012

The SPCA received a grant from Grey Muzzle for their Senior Wellness Program. Each elderly dog will be given a health screening including blood work, urinalysis, fecal exams, and radiographs to give an overall health picture of the dog.  The SPCA will be using this health package to remove any apprehension of adopting a senior dog.

The SPCA of Wake County is a non-profit animal welfare organization whose mission is to protect, shelter and promote adoption of homeless animals; to provide education about responsible pet ownership; and to reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs.

German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption

Funded from 2009 to 2014

Grey Muzzle has provided a grant to German Shepherd Rescue for a new program, A Moment in Time. The program represents the idea that time shouldn't be measured in minutes, hours, days or even years...but rather moments - special moments that are shared between an owner and their dog. The program has increased the rescue of senior GSD and GSD mixes from area shelters, as well as increased education and awareness of senior dog issues.

The mission of German Shepherd Rescue in Raleigh is to provide rescue, rehabilitation and adoption services to purebreds and mixes, and to address our community’s need for real solutions in the fight against animal homelessness, abuse and neglect.

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