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Senior Spotlight

We envision a world where every senior dog thrives, and no old dog dies alone and afraid. Ensuring senior dogs find loving, forever homes is central to that vision. There are many benefits and reasons to adopt a senior dog, and we hope to show the world what incredible companions they are.

Here are some adoptable senior dogs located across the country. Please check in with each organization to learn more about how to adopt a shelter or rescue dog.

white poodle mix


  Meet Fluffball! A puff of a Poodle and a proud member of Little Shelter’s Silver Paw Connection, meet nine year old Fluffball. Gregarious and open-minded, she enjoys everyone’s company and is a hit with young and old alike. Full of interesting stories and fun facts (did you know a team of Poodles...

brown dog with golden eyes


Hi, I'm Tippy! I'm a very friendly girl who can't wait to find my furever home! Want to know how I got my name? I tippy-tap my feet when I'm excited- Dog Team tells me it's super cute! I'm so excited to learn a lot and go on adventures with my very own family. I love going on walks and exploring new...

pit bull mix making eye contact


Hi, I'm Acorn! I'm a sweet senior lady who's looking for my retirement home. However I still have lots of energy! I am really smart, I know fetch really well, like, I actually drop the ball not like those other dogs who never give you the ball back! I've lived a life full of adventure and fun, and...

light brown dog with golden eyes


Dexter is a smooth, steady, rock-solid adorable guy. He's all about meandering walks with plenty of stops to smell and investigate. His pace is pretty glacial, and this is a guy who does not sweat the small stuff and prefers not to work up a sweat, period. So, if rushing and stressing and making to...

Valentines white dog


Meet Hermes! This sweet girl arrived at MAC severely emaciated, and it was clear she had been through it. Our wonderful Clinic staff immediately started her on a special diet to help her safely gain weight and Hermes slowly but surely put on the pounds. As she gained weight and got to know our staff...

dog in pajamas


Described as an angel by the Little Shelter staffers, this radiant twelve year old Yorkie mix is Kristy. A self-proclaimed snuggle bug, she enjoys nothing more than being in your arms or curled up next to your side, wearing one of her signature sweaters. Delicate in appearance, she nevertheless has...

brown dog


Similar to a Sour Patch Kid, this eight-year-old Dachshund is a bit tart and “judgmental” at first meeting, though once you’ve have passed inspection, she’ll become your sweet, loving, and loyal friend. A treat connoisseur, the right tidbit will go a long way towards strengthening your relationship...

dog with Valentine's props


Looking for a tried and true friend? Meet Trina, an eight-year-old Pit mix and highly qualified candidate. This well-mannered girl is perfectly poised to become your canine companion and four-legged Valentine. Beautiful inside and out, she is sweet-natured, affectionate, and a great partner for...

poodle mix looking at camera


Once in a blue moon, you discover a match made in Heaven…or, in this case, Pluto! A nine-year- old Poodle mix, this Silver Paw Connection member is ready to whoosh into your orbit and align your priorities for 2023. The planet Pluto (which has a heart shape on its surface) symbolizes renewal and...

brown and white lab mix


Hi, I'm Wyatt! I'm a very playful, goofy, loving guy who can't wait to find my furever home! I'm a big lovable guy who thrives on a routine. The Medical team at High Country Humane have been helping me with my Thyroid levels and I'm doing great! Please ask about my medical waiver when you come to...

black dog with Valentine's props


This lovable lad is a sweetheart in search of his Valentine! Want to curl up and watch a flick? We're pretty sure couch potato life would suit Dozer just fine. Need a strolling companion? Dozer's your man. Need a sympathetic ear? Just look at those ears! They're perfect! Dozer came to SpokAnimal...

smiling dog


Zeus may look like your typical Greek god but he’s more than just a handsome blonde! This 65lb deity is sensitive, affectionate and a bit of a goofball. He’s been living a very different lifestyle for many years but is up for the challenge of learning and taking on new things. First thing he’s...