Senior Spotlight

We envision a world where every senior dog thrives, and no old dog dies alone and afraid. Ensuring senior dogs find loving, forever homes is central to that vision. There are many benefits and reasons to adopt a senior dog, and we hope to show the world what incredible companions they are.

Here are some adoptable senior dogs located across the country. Please check in with each organization to learn more about how to adopt a shelter or rescue dog.


      Say hello to sweet Becky! This little senior gal is also known as Pirate B around these parts because she's got just one eye. Rest assured that this doesn't stop her from living life to the fullest and what she lacks in sight, she makes up for in zest for life, fun, and snuggles. She...

Sarah Ribbons

Sarah Ribbons came back to PAWS Atlanta after five years in her adoptive home because of a landlord breed restriction. She is a soulful, chill lady with everyone, with the possible exception of veterinarians.

Sarah is more Jazzercise than CrossFit, and more 5K fun run than 26.2. She...



An eight-year-old Min Pin mix, this clever little lady is Chelsea. Subscribing to the adage that all you need is “a snack and a snuggle”, she’s the perfect one to share your couch with…and just about everything else! A breed that has been described as “tiny but mighty”, they have an outgoing...



An eleven-year-old Chihuahua mix, this little “dear” is Bambi. From her fawn-like coloring, to her dainty carriage, to her gentle and pure spirit, this one will certainly capture your attention. Representing innocence, kindness, grace, and good luck, a deer (or, in this case, Chihuahua) is...



The newest member of Little Shelter’s Silver Paw Connection is Jenkins, a twelve-year-old Min Pin. This elder statesman is wise, gentle, and a master of the fine art of persuasion, easily winning you over to his point of view. Friendly and outgoing, he has a spirited personality, is confident...



Gracie must have sneaked in with a fake I.D. because she is quite spry for her age. She enjoys long walks around the neighborhood, sniffing adventures in the backyard and lounging on the deck. She is calm, gentle and gets along well with the other easy going dogs in her foster home. This ...


Apollo Creed

We are blown away by Apollo Creed. This dog is a dream. He walks beside you, loose-leash, zero pulling, manners like a prince. He was the first dog one of our volunteer photographers took photos of recently, and he was so polite and gentle. He sat down, looked right in the camera, and nodded...



 A devoted fancier of cuddles, Dixie is as sweet as Old Fashioned caramel pie!  Need to just breathe and enjoy the simple moments in life?  This golden girl is able and willing to reduce stress and ease loneliness. A model senior citizen, she gets along well with all dogs, cats and kids.  Dixie...



Eagerly sniffing out his prospects for a forever home and family, this is Max, an eight-year-old Beagle. He's ready to step into a promising future, looking dapper in his red coat and armed with a
cheerful attitude. The perfect walking partner for any expedition, Max will lead you down the...



This handsome senior is Ralphie, an eleven-year-old Doxy mix. Still young at heart, he looks forward to finding his forever home and a family to call his own.  Interested in walks and good conversation, he is the perfect one to accompany you on even the smallest of journeys….like a puppacino run...



Meet Molly! This 75-lb Labrador blend is 12 years old. According to her foster, Molly is the sweetest girl ever!

GENERAL BEHAVIOR:  This easy-going gal is perfectly content to lay on the couch all day or at your feet. She does like to be around people and will follow you around....



Chihuahuas are charming little scamps with an eye for mischief, known to be extremely loyal and loving, our seven-year-old Bonnie being no exception. This little lady is now available for adoption, ready to prance right into your life. Intelligent and quick to pick up both new tricks and tasty...

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