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  • Oscar & Louise
  • Oscar in a sweater on grass


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical Expense Grant

    Oscar is HOME! This very sweet boy came to Top Dog Foundation last summer when his person died. At age 14, he was extremely cherished and losing her was tough. Oscar needed some time to rejuvenate (and lose a bit of weight too).

    Support from The Grey Muzzle Organization provided funds for Oscar’s full veterinary checkup, including a complete blood panel to see if anything was brewing for him. He also received some special attention to his vision. Longtime Top Dog fosters welcomed him in and nurtured him through what has been a wonderful recovery.

    Fully ready for a new world, Oscar found his forever home.

    Louise is a veterinarian in Minnesota who takes Oscar to work with her daily. When he is home, he travels around the neighborhood in a cushy cart and enjoys an array of dog beds. Louise also travels to Europe to see family (pre-COVID), and Oscar will be going along there too (post-COVID). Given Oscar is a Dachshund, it seems especially fitting he will be visiting family in Germany.

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