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Honoring Twister

“Thank you for the lovely note!  I am only too happy to be able to donate my craft project profits to help rescue groups and wonderful organizations like The Grey Muzzle Organization!  I learned of your organization from several friends who shared your recent Sydney Jeanne Seward quote and handsome old dog photo on Facebook (and checked your info on GuideStar).

As a volunteer with Australian Shepherd Rescue (ARPH), I've helped with fundraising events and I forward phone messages that come in on their Mid-Atlantic and Southeast help lines.  I've done this for several years now and the calls saying, "We want to surrender our Aussie because we can't afford ..." always have me in tears and trying to find a way that I can help the caller.  Learning of your grants to keep dogs with their owners was perfect and a great place to donate this month’s profits. I try to provide a little financial help by donating the month's profit to a different rescue (or organization) each month. I have only been at it since the end of last year, but thankfully each month our donations have increased!

Here's more of my story and photos of my grey muzzle boys (our dearly missed Aussie passed in September last year, two weeks short of his 14th birthday, and our border collie will be 12 in June):  We also have a four-year-old border collie/Aussie princess that keeps the old boys in line, lol. Here’s a photo of the princess and her much missed best buddy with his first-ever summer haircut.”