Why I Give

    Honoring Chip and Cookie

    “Thank you so much for all you do to help beautiful senior dogs have a better quality of life and the love they so deserve.  Senior dogs truly are the best companions.  They are filled with so much love and are just so very anxious to give that love unconditionally and to have that love returned to them.

    The ‘Thank You’ video is beautiful!  So very heartwarming to see the love and dedication of those people involved in the Grey Muzzle Organization.

    I am hoping that sometime soon I will be able to begin a senior dog sanctuary/hospice program.  I live in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  Although I live only a little over an hour from Baltimore, it seems that our area is hurting for resources for these loving senior dogs.  So I have my work cut out for me. I live with two wonderful little senior dogs now.  They are the light of my life!

    I meet with my attorney tomorrow.  It will be a privilege and an honor upon my passing to bequeath my estate to the Grey Muzzle Organization and know that many wonderful senior dogs will be helped. Again, thank you!”

    -Connie Secrist