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  • Abbee and Barree
  • Ski (dark gray) and Josie
    Why I Give

    Honoring Ski, Josie, Abbee and Barree

    “We have been fortunate to have had four dogs in our lives, each of whom left an enormous impact on us, especially when they grew older. Together we experienced great joy. In later years, we faced many challenges with them: arthritis, incontinence, blindness and cancer, just to mention a few. But every malady was taken in stride. They never whined. They never complained. They were happy just to be with us. The love we gave them was returned to us a million times over. Every minute spent with them gave us memories that we cherish to this day. We were blessed to have them share our lives.  

    Every dog should have the opportunity to live with dignity, surrounded by love, care, and compassion, especially in their later years. The Grey Muzzle Organization is all about that. That is why we support it and always will.”

    - Sue P.