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Honoring Spencer’s Memory

B.B. made a donation in honor of beloved Spencer. Here’s what she said about why she donated to The Grey Muzzle Organization.

“My husband and I are happy to do our small part in helping older dogs find comfort in their senior years. 

We lost Spencer a little over a year ago when he was 12.5 years old. Spencer was the cutest Yorkie you'd ever seen and was as rambunctious and "vocal" in his old age as he was when he was a pup. I'd had him since he was eight weeks old, and he was by my side through so many important years in my life; he was my best friend, my shadow, my cuddle buddy. Even though he had to have his front left leg amputated after an accident when he was four years old, he took life by storm on his remaining three legs for the following eight plus years. Even until the end, he could run up a set of stairs like nobody's business. :)

We believed he passed peacefully because we found him in bed one evening and his little soul had just left (not sure why...the vet says it could've been an aneurysm or a stroke). We're incredibly sad that we couldn't be there to hold him as he passed but we are so thankful that he didn't suffer a long illness or a terrible injury. He filled our home with so much love and affection, and he is missed every day. After about six months, we decided to rescue a Chihuahua/Beagle mix whom we named Lilly Bell, and we plan to give her a happy and loving home for as she long as lives.

Thank you so much for the work that you and your organization do. It means a lot to know that you're working to provide comfort to sweet animals that other people have written off, just because they aren't shiny and new anymore. I hope to continue to give later in the year."