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Honoring Cotton

I really love Grey Muzzle.  It's heartbreaking to think of senior dogs given up and languishing in shelters because people aren't able to afford vet care.  One of my current dogs was in just such a situation: she was found in a shelter drop-box in Alabama and had severe heart disease, heartworms, and a chronic cough. I fell in love with her sad picture (I got her through Sunshine Golden Retriever Recue) and Cotton was lucky enough that her rescue group paid for several months of vet care pre-adoption. When she was well enough to travel, she came right to live with us. A year later she is happy and healthy, playful and frisky, and walks and runs with our greyhound (who is nice enough to pace his run so Cotton can keep up). Cotton is a wonderful dog, and I know that many of the dogs that Grey Muzzle helps, who are not as fortunate but are in that same situation, can then go on to find wonderful homes and families or else are able to stay with their family who can now afford to keep them.   

I have had many Grey Muzzle dogs, as I always like to adopt the dogs I feel would have trouble finding a home. I found your organization when I was looking for information about memorials for dogs who have passed away, and I'm so glad I did.  I love everything you offer, especially the Rainbow Bridge bracelet and poem--I usually give one to friends whose dog or cat has passed. I wear mine every day, along with the bracelet "Puppy Love Lasts a Lifetime."

I love to read the stories of all the dogs you have helped, and I also love the little "thank yous" you send to monthly donors, such as the valentine and the beautiful picture for Mother's Day.  I printed off your poster and sent them to vets in the area, and I also put them up at work and at church, trying to spread the word.  My dream is to start a chapter up here in the Northeast.

-Karen and Cotton