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Adopting a Senior Dog

Multi-Senior-Dog Households

Those of us that love and care for senior dogs know that once you have one senior pooch, it can be hard to say no to another… and another! Helen St. Pierre is a certified behavior consultant and trainer. In this webinar, Helen talks about the joys and challenges of multi-dog households that include senior dogs, and how to navigate the different personalities, temperaments, and challenges that go along with this labor of love.

Shelter Dog Adoptions: The Pandemic's Silver Lining

This has been an incredibly tough year, but the increased number of people fostering and adopting shelter dogs has been a silver lining. If you’re thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, please consider adopting a senior shelter dog. Grey Muzzle’s Executive Director, Dr. Lisa Lunghofer, answers some common questions.

What suggestions do you have for people who are considering adopting a shelter dog, particularly a senior dog?

‘My Old Dog’: How to Lend a Senior Pooch a Helping Paw by Laura T. Coffey

Senior dogs are AWESOME. They’re calm, mellow, sweet, loveable, and they’re usually already house-trained. All of these traits make them so much easier than puppies — and yet, as wonderful as animals over the age of 7 are, they often represent the highest-risk population at shelters across the United States, where nearly 3 million dogs and cats are put down each year.

Adopting a Senior Dog: How to Find Your New Best Friend by K.E. Magoon

Adopters of senior dogs find them to be more mellow, better mannered, and quicker to adjust to their new homes than younger dogs. Whether you have been considering adopting a senior dog for a long time or were just recently touched by the story of an older dog in need, your new grey-muzzled best friend may be a hop, skip, and a few clicks away.

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