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Tennessee Dachshund Rescue

black and tan dachshund

Tennessee Dachshund Rescue rescues dachshunds, dachshund-mixes, and dachshund-wanna-bes in Tennessee and surrounding states no matter how old, sick, or abused, which often means they take in many senior dachshunds each year. They are proud to have never turned a dachshund away due to veterinary needs.

Funded in 2023

With support from Grey Muzzle, Tennessee Dachshund Rescue will provide dental care for senior dachshunds through its newly established Chief's Teefs senior dental care program. Dachshunds are known for having poor dental health, and many senior dachshunds coming into their care have never had dental care. As a result, they need tooth extractions and, sometimes, extensive oral surgery. Chief's Teefs will also support senior citizens with dachshunds that require dental care through a partnership with Copeland Veterinary Hospital in Cookeville, TN.