Nate's Honor Animal Rescue

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With support from Grey Muzzle, Nate's Honor Animal Rescue is able to provide post-adoption support to adopters of senior pets with special needs. Typically, it takes 90 days for adopters to fully bond with their new pet, and medical expenses during that time often mean a return to the shelter. By providing three months of medication or follow-up treatment for a medical or behavioral issue, adopters have time to bond with their senior pet without worrying about unforeseen costs. 

Funded in 2021
How we help: 

Nate's Honor Animal Rescue (NHAR) provides a loving haven for rescued dogs and cats on their way to finding their forever homes. NHAR saves lives and works to create a supportive, family-friendly environment that inspires a bond between animals and those who love them. In the past 10 years, NHAR has worked collaboratively with local agencies to increase adoption rates from 500 animals a year, to more than 2000. 

small scrappy dog laying on ground