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pit bull dog with tennis ball in mouth
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

Ziggy first came to PAWS CT years earlier and had struggled medically with mast cell tumors, allergies, skin issues, and extreme aggression toward animals. This aggression was so apparent that Ziggy had to be muzzled to walk through PAWS' hallways.

Thanks to the generosity of The Grey Muzzle Organization, there are no more muzzles for Ziggy! Funds from Grey Muzzle helped pay for Ziggy's medical bills and for a trainer. A Grey Muzzle grant funds PAWS' Senior Pension Plan which waives the adoption fee and pays for Ziggy's annual wellness exams.

This funding was an incentive for a dedicated volunteer. As she got to know Ziggy, and as he got to trust her, she started taking him home on the weekends. That morphed into a foster care arrangement ... which eventually became an official adoption!