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black poodle
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

P-Nut was surrendered to a vet’s office for euthanasia because “he was old.” At 14 years of age, he was definitely old, even by smaller poodle standards. But there was still a spark! Thankfully, a foster parent for Carolina Poodle Rescue stepped up to help. The plan was straightforward – take P-Nut home as hospice. He had a terrible mouth full of rotting teeth and hadn’t been groomed in months. He was quiet – almost defeated – during the car ride home from the vet, and yet, in his cloudy, aged eyes, there was hope.

Within 48 hours, his foster mom was having serious doubts that she had taken in a hospice dog. Instead, she began researching and considering safe ways to get a 14-year-old toy poodle the medical care he needed. A blood panel at the vet showed that age aside, P-Nut was in overall good health. A dental was scheduled, and P-Nut came through with flying colors!

With no teeth left, boy did P-Nut begin to fly! He no longer had a mouth full of painful, rotten teeth and infected gums. He began to enjoy eating – soft foods only – and with better nutrition came some much-needed weight gain. With extra weight came energy, and within just three weeks, P-Nut was a happy, bouncy boy who loved to trot in the sun, jumping up happily to greet everyone he met.

P-Nut deserved a chance at a home of his own. With a personality as big as the sun, the hope was that a special family would see past P-Nut's double-digit age and see into his heart. The response was incredible! Carolina Poodle Rescue received over 30 adoption inquiries about P-Nut, each recognizing the love in this beautiful boy, compelled by his rags to riches tale. Three different families were approved to adopt. Yet one stood out.

black poodle and young girl
It was a match made in heaven. P-Nut's family had a young daughter and wanted to teach her the joys that a senior dog could bring to life. It’s easy to help a child fall in love with a fluffy puppy. Helping a child find beauty in a vision-impaired, toothless senior dog is another story. Yet this was the story P-Nut's family was compelled to write. And P-Nut was the perfect man for the job.

P-Nut is home. He has a girl of his own to snuggle with at night, a yard to prance in during the day, and a family that loves every ounce of his 8-pound body.

None of us are guaranteed any amount of time. We can only strive to make the most of every day that we have. P-Nut reminds us all daily that age is a number, time is a gift, and life is best lived with an open, forgiving heart.

We are so grateful that, thanks to your support of Grey Muzzle, P-Nut received the medical care he needed to get a second chance. The formerly worn-down senior is now a treasured family member and living the very best, rest of his life.