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Black and white Shih Tzu
How we helped: 
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes

Oreo is one tough little cookie! This ten-year-old Shih Tzu was straining to urinate for a few days. After she passed a small bladder stone on her own, her family was hopeful her symptoms would resolve. However, soon she stopped eating and drinking and became very lethargic.

Her family reached out to Fairy Tail Endings for help and first took her to their regular vet who was able to fit her in for an emergency cystotomy surgery. Several hundred tiny stones were removed from her bladder, but several larger stones were lodged in her urethra which was very inflamed. They wouldn't budge and these stubborn stones were blocking her from urinating completely - a true emergency. When the bladder cannot be emptied, it can cause a host of problems including pain, toxin buildup in the bloodstream, damage to kidneys and rupture. Late in the evening, Oreo's vet reached out to another specialty clinic to perform a second surgery the following morning. Her family and vet team were determined to leave no stone unturned!

One sleepless night and two major surgeries later, the lodged stones were finally removed. Thanks to Fairy Tail Ending's Silver Dollars Fund, supported by a Grey Muzzle grant, bladder stones are not how this sweet cookie crumbles!

You can help more families provide their seniors the emergency care they sometimes need.