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Harpo before and after
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

Harpo is a bubbly and energetic senior fluff-ball, found as a stray and transferred to Muttville from a nearby municipal shelter. He was set to be euthanized because he had a necrotic ulcerated mass on his neck. Thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant, Muttville rushed him into surgery at their clinic to remove the mass the same day as his intake.

The biopsy showed the mass to be a highly malignant mass called a squamous cell carcinoma, but it was completely removed during surgery!

Harpo is the happiest, bounciest boy around! He was in rough shape medically when he arrived at Muttville but things are now looking up for him thanks to their great vet team.

Without their in-house surgery program, supported by a Grey Muzzle grant, rescued senior dogs in their care would have to wait much longer for life-saving procedures, prolonging their pain, increasing length of stay, costing more money, and ultimately resulting in Muttville not being able to say ‘yes’ to as many senior dogs. Their program is saving lives in more ways than one!

Harpo’s foster family shared that his personality and trust blossomed after his surgery. The pain he had endured made it hard for him to be comfortable at first, but as he recovered from surgery he became a super snuggle-bug who wears his humans out on hikes. They shared Harpo’s transformation with all their friends, and one of them was inspired to adopt him.