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Fella, a terrier mix
How we helped:
Seniors for Seniors adoption grant

We received the story of Jim and Fella from Muttville, a senior dog rescue in San Francisco. 

Jim is a retired doctor and Fella is his second Muttville rescue dog.  Jim was lonely when his first dog passed away, so Muttville handpicked Pretzel (now Fella), an 11-year-old terrier mix rescued from a Salinas shelter.  Pretzel had arrived at Muttville in mostly good health, needing only a routine medical exam and a dental cleaning to get him ready for adoption. 

When Jim and Fella met, it was love at first sight.  Jim and his new friend make the rounds every day in their neighborhood and Jim reports that the neighbors are quite smitten with Fella--they come out every day to say "hi" as they pass by.  Grey Muzzle funds 6-12 dogs per year in Muttville's Seniors-for-Seniors program.

Fella and new owner Jim