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How we helped: 
Senior Dog Adoption Grant

Buddy is a nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix who arrived at The Animal Foundation this past April as a stray. He arrived with his mother Chloe, another senior dog.

Buddy and Chloe wandered from their home frequently, and on one occasion, they wandered a little too far. They were found by a Good Samaritan who took them back home and told their owner she’d like to adopt them. 

Their owner agreed and Buddy and Chloe were off on their new life adventure. After some time, they wandered away from their new home and were taken to the shelter. Their microchips traced back to their original owner, who was not in a position to take them and their current owner never came to reclaim them.

The Animal Foundation got Buddy and Chloe in tip-top adoption shape and gave them some extra adoption promotion, thanks to their Grey Muzzle grant. Buddy was even featured on the local news! In no time at all, Buddy and Chloe each found a new forever home.