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tan bulldog
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

tan bulldog at shelter intake
Thirteen-year-old Sir Bear arrived at Indianapolis Animal Care Services after his previous family had to move and could not find pet-friendly housing. Staff at the nearby Humane Society for Hamilton County immediately fell in love with Sir Bear's sweet grey face and transferred him into their care to help him heal and find a new family.

In addition to dental disease and arthritis, Sir Bear experienced anxiety and had limited vision. He had infections in both ears and potential gallbladder issues. HSHC's veterinarian refreshed his smile with a few extractions and thorough cleaning, ran bloodwork, and prescribed medication for Sir Bear's arthritis, alleviating his pain.

This is where Sir Bear's future gets even brighter. He met HSHC's Foster Program Manager, and it was love at first sight! Sir Bear, now Bear, spends his days lounging on blankets and pillows. He adores his dog and cat siblings and has been learning how to play with toys. On the occasional "take your dog to work day," Bear is spoiled with snuggles and snacks! 

tan bulldog snuggling pillows

Grant funding from Grey Muzzle facilitated Bear's transfer from the city shelter, and ensured that he recieved much-needed medical care upon arrival at HSHC. This life-changing support (funded by you!) gave Bear his well-deserved second chance.