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    Originally estimated to be 12 years old, Margot came into the care of our friends at Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, missing most of her fur and suffering from a fractured shoulder. She was placed in a foster home, where she started treatments to clear up her skin and fur, then had an x-ray of her shoulder sent to specialists. A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization (funded by your generosity!) helped cover these costs so Margot could begin to heal.

    After two months of TLC, Margot looked like she'd aged in reverse, growing younger by the day! Her beautiful fur grew back, and she blossomed into the happy girl she was meant to be. Her veterinarian lowered her estimated age to closer to 8 rather than 12. Talk about a new leash on life! Embracing her inner puppy, Margot loved to play and adored being carried around like a princess.

    On the day Margot went up for adoption, the shelter had a surprise visitor: the founder of a family foundation that had recently awarded funding to Nate’s Honor. When the founder saw Margot in the kennel, she began to cry. Her 19-year-old poodle had recently passed away, and Margot's sweet face brought healing to her aching heart. She immediately knew Margot was meant to be a part of her family, and this 7-pound princess found her forever home right then and there!

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