Always In My Heart

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This page is dedicated to the Grey Muzzle Always In My Heart campaign donors. During the year, our supporters celebrate the pets they have cherished by making a special "in memory of" donation to the Always In My Heart campaign.  A gift of $20 or more supports senior dogs nationwide who have become homeless when they are most in need.

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Always in My Heart Donors

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To our Hanna, who enjoyed many years of playing frisbee, walking in the woods, and eating peanut butter treats. Your humans will miss your goofy smile and secret cuddles the most. 


Liz Thompson

Pops, you always kept your eye in the ball. Thanks to you, your Mom and I are very good friends. We miss you.



In loving memory of our sweet Hanna girl who gave us nothing but joy and amazing frisbee throwing skills for 14 years. <3


Vicki and Karen

In memory of Winston who loved camping, the girl gang and the two best moms in the world, Cheryl and Kolleen.


Stacie Duncan

In loving memory of my dear Pigface -- the sweetest, gentlest soul I've ever known.


K-9 Kiddos

We started watching a rust colored grey muzzled gal this year while her guardians were out of town. Grey in muzzle and slow in speed, her eyes sparkled and ears perked when she saw a ball. Coco loved my husband visiting her and would follow him everywhere. We were saddened to hear from her guardians that she crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week. Coco is a grey muzzle we will never forget.


IBM Design & Friends

To Zion, Warrior Princess, hitchhiking and road trip loving, continent spanning dog who loved her rides in her little red wagon. You will be missed by all! Here's to you and your loving owner Maya. We know she misses you like crazy but knows you will see each other soon across the rainbow bridge!

Katie Gayle-Burchall

Carolyn Noble

In loving memory of Katie


Karen and Vicki

Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love and loyalty. They depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big." - Erica Jong


Sandy Kubillus

It's been over a year since I have lost my dear springer spaniel, Cassie to a brain tumor, and I still miss her every day. She went to work with me and her photo is still on the company website. She did everything with me - or I did everything with her. She's in my yet to be release memoir and in an essay that I'm trying to get published. She made me a better person and a much better writer.

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