Humane Society of Sonoma County

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Founded in 1931, the Humane Society of Sonoma County (HSSC) has a longstanding tradition of offering hope to animals in need of a second chance. Their mission is to ensure that every animal receives protection, compassion, love, and care. In addition to comprehensive medical care and behavior support for homeless animals on the journey to forever homes, HSSC provides resources including affordable spay/neuter services and veterinary care for low- to no-income pet owners to help keep pets out of the shelter and in the arms of the families who love them.

Funded in 2021
How we help: 

The Grey Muzzle grant will enable HSSC’s Community Veterinary Clinic (CVC) to provide dental procedures for senior dogs whose owners are at risk of having to surrender their beloved companions due to an inability to afford veterinary care. Many senior dogs treated at the CVC have had their dental care deferred for many years, resulting in the need for urgent procedures to address advanced dental disease. Often, they’ve stopped eating due to painful teeth and gums, and their owners are heartsick about their condition.

Anna and Lil Mama
masked woman holding little dog