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Fawn boxer Tribianni
How we helped: 
Hospice Program Grant

Tribianni came into the care of Legacy Boxer Rescue (LBR) at age seven, after living his whole life outside, neglected and ill. He was very thin, his teeth were broken, his feet were raw and inflamed, and his body was covered with bare patches and scars. He had no training or socialization, and although he wanted to - he didn’t know how to behave around people.

Upon entering the care of LBR, his initial veterinary exam revealed a severe case of heartworm. Tribianni underwent heartworm treatment and a 30-day heartworm recovery period during which his activity was restricted - tough for a wiggly boxer! Sadly, his post-treatment exam uncovered a serious cardiac issue requiring daily medication and a foreign object in his stomach that, due to his heart condition, cannot be removed.

Today, Tribianni is in the Legacy Keeper Program, supported by a Grey Muzzle grant. Keepers are boxers that find a new lease on life through LBR, but who are not available for adoption typically due to age-related and health issues. These boxers are considered to be in hospice care and will be loved and cared for by their foster families for the remainder of their lives.

Tribianni is with a very caring foster family. He eats three small meals per day to prevent stomach problems, takes his medicine like a good boy, has learned to greet people and interact gently, and LOVES living in the house with cushy beds and snuggles from his people. He enjoys walks, toys and gets a little carried away playing with his giggle ball, but can’t play with dogs because of his heart.

Thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, made possible by you, Tribianni will continue to receive the medical care he needs to enjoy every minute of his new life!

Tribianni laying with toy
Tribianni outside with ball