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Spuds with Kong
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Spuds came to the Anirmal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) as a stray. Upon entering their program, he received a routine medical evaluation and bloodwork ARL is able to offer all senior animals thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant. Sadly, his work up indicated Spuds was in renal failure. 

Because of his condition and age, ARL placed him in a hospice foster home. You would never guess Spuds is 14–he’s very active! He LOVES life. He loves tennis balls, KONGS and food! 

In his hospice foster home, Spuds enjoys long walks, car rides and being wherever his foster mom is. Spuds does not act like he is a hospice dog - and that is OK with ARL and his foster mom. He is living his best life and enjoying each day.