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fluffy white pomeranian smiling
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Ten-year-old Roxy was surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA simply for being “too old.” Life in the shelter was too stressful for her, so she was placed in a foster home where her doting foster mom noticed she had a cough. Chest x-rays revealed a terminal heart condition. With the help of a Grey Muzzle grant, Roxy’s condition is being managed and her quality of life maintained. Best of all, despite her illness, Roxy was adopted into a wonderful home where she is pampered and loved.⠀

Grey Muzzle supports Sacramento SPCA’s Pawspice program that helps dogs who have received a terminal diagnosis but still have a good quality of life. Covering the cost of palliative care, including medications, exams, and prescription food, ensures these dogs are placed in loving adoptive homes. Because no dog is “too old” for a loving home.