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Dachshund Gannon
How we helped: 
Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program Grant

Gannon, a small but mighty 12-year old Dachshund, has found himself in and out of Lollypop Farm over the last couple of years due to his sassiness. It seems that in his golden years, he is a bit grumpier and his previous families have had trouble managing and working with his bad manners.

Gannon’s most recent return to Lollypop Farm was this past summer. Sadly, the staff prepared his kennel and he was re-examined in the veterinary clinic in order to update his medical records. It was then that the veterinary team discovered a small mass on his right eyelid, a cyst on his neck, two cysts on his left front leg, and poor dental health. Thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant, Gannon’s cysts were removed and biopsied. Luckily, they were benign and he recovered remarkably well!

As for his teeth, Gannon definitely needs dental work down the road and was adopted with a medical waiver to cover the expense post-adoption.

After he was all fixed up, it didn’t take long for this little firecracker to meet his match! A spirited senior citizen and longtime adopter from Lollypop Farm named Kathleen met Gannon and knew he was perfect for her. She was ready to provide him with the time and space he needs to become acclimated in his new home, and build the trust he needs to work with him on his behavioral concerns. Happy life Gannon!