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Petey and Furends

Funded in 2023

The Grey Muzzle grant will support Petey and Furends’ Project SoAR - Seniors on Amazing Retirements, which promotes senior dog adoption and keeps senior dogs from being surrendered in the first place. Funding will support routine medical care and the extensive medical, dental, and behavioral care often needed in senior dogs. Additionally, Project SoAR will be highlighted at adoption events to create awareness about senior dog adoption and how rewarding it can be. This grant will help dogs like Roxie, who recently came to Petey and Furends with extensive medical needs. She is now living her best life with a foster and dog sibling while waiting for her medical care and her eventual forever home.

Petey and Furends is a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue organization dedicated to reducing neglect, abuse, and abandonment of companion animals in the metro DC region. They use research and evidence-based practices to facilitate a matchmaking experience that increases the likelihood of successful adoptions. Their organizational values include compassion toward animals, the adopters, the donors, and volunteers; adaptability to go the extra mile to save lives; teamwork to make a more significant impact; education for continued growth; and responsiveness and positivity in all interactions.

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Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter

Funded in 2021

The BARCS Intake Prevention Program team spends time on the phone with thousands of Baltimoreans each year, providing resources so they may keep their beloved pets at home with them. The primary reason for surrender is the family’s inability to pay for necessary medical care, especially when senior dogs are concerned. With the Grey Muzzle grant BARCS can provide vital medical care to more underserved senior dogs so they can happily remain with the families who love them.

Once nicknamed the “underdog,” the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) has been working tirelessly to make big strides for Baltimore’s homeless animals. Guided by compassion and dedication to our community, we have cared for more than 170,000 animals since our inception in 2005 along with thousands more that we have prevented from becoming homeless and having to enter our doors.


The Buddy Foundation of Maryland

Funded in 2020

The Buddy Foundation of Maryland (TBFMD) will use Grey Muzzle funds to serve senior “applicants” and will be allocated in the following manner: 30% for diagnostic needs—exams, radiology, bloodwork and 70% for treatment needs. Oral surgeries top the list of those treatments as few things compromise the quality of life and health of senior dogs like oral issues that interfere with eating habits, overall comfort and increase the risk for infection. Cost is high for those procedures and owners, often seniors themselves on fixed incomes, are without the means to secure treatment. TBFMD helps dogs like Holly, a seven-year-old Basset Hound, who received treatment for mass removals.

The Buddy Foundation of Maryland (TBFMD) provides emotional and monetary support for those struggling to save a canine companion in need of urgent care. The stories are many and varied, but each one carries a common denominator: a dog that is suffering and an owner who is exhausting all available means to save them. Our “Buddy System” moves applicants through a process that starts their pups off as “Buddies-in-Need” and completes once they become “Buddies-for-Life” and a treatment/cure has been achieved, giving dogs and their owners many more years of life and love together.


Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter

Funded in 2018 and 2020

With the funding provided by The Grey Muzzle Organization, Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter (FFOCAS) is expanding their program, Senior Dogs Rock, which provides medical care to senior dogs. Through Senior Dogs Rock, FFOCAS enables the shelter to provide veterinary care for senior dogs with the goal of either increasing their chances of adoption or, for those with a terminal illness, ensuring their comfort and well-being in a hospice foster home. 

Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter (FFOCAS) supports the under-funded, open-admission animal shelter of Frederick County, Maryland. FFOCAS provides the financial and volunteer resources to enable medical and behavioral support for the county’s neediest pets. 

The Humane Society of Charles County

Funded in 2017 and 2021

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help The Humane Society of Charles County expand their Honey's Fund for senior dogs.

Many animals are admitted to the local shelter because they need costly medical care, their medical issues are chronic (often the case in senior animals), or they are found as strays. HSCC's Honey's Fund, a limited pool of money for medical treatment, is used to help these at-risk animals. Grey Muzzle grant funding will expand Honey's Fund, helping senior dogs who need support to live out their golden years in comfort.

The Humane Society of Charles County started in 1978 with the single objective to rescue dogs and cats hit by cars. Their services have expanded over the years, and they now offer shelter and care for homeless, injured and neglected animals, as well as adoption services, fostering, community partnerships, humane education, no-to-low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine services, and affordable well-pet veterinary services.

Yellow dog with white face sitting in grass.

Lab Rescue LRCP

Funded in 2017

Lab Rescue of the LRCP rescues, fosters and place homeless, abused and / or abandoned Labrador Retrievers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA. They provide veterinary care, spay / neuter the Lab and place it with foster families where they are loved while they await adoption.

Brown dog with curly hair sitting in a car.

Boykin Spaniel Rescue

Funded in 2017

Funding from Grey Muzzle will help to support Boykin Spaniel Rescue's new program, "Behavior Therapy & Rehabilitation for Boykin Spaniel Sassy Seniors". BSR is experiencing more dogs with socialization and emotional problems, manifesting in behavioral issues that need to be addressed. With only a limited number of "experienced" fosters capable to take in a permanent charge, this program will specifically work to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these at-risk, purebred, Boykin Spaniels.

The Sassy Seniors program will provide educational support and advocacy for those who support senior dogs.These funds make sure that every Boykin Spaniel that needs medical or emotional assistance receives that help and then is placed in a forever home.

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc. was founded in 2000. Since that time, the Organization has grown to over 300 volunteers in the US. They have one, part-time, administrator; all other aspects of BSR is done through our network of volunteers. Some foster, some transport, and some lend their talents-- either with the dogs or in various other ways.

House with a Heart

Funded from 2008 to 2013

Grey Muzzle's grant to House with a Heart provides medical care for senior dogs at this in-home sanctuary.

House with a Heart provides a loving and caring end-of-life experience for senior dogs who no longer have a human companion to care for them.

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