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Senior Spotlight

We envision a world where every senior dog thrives, and no old dog dies alone and afraid. Ensuring senior dogs find loving, forever homes is central to that vision. There are many benefits and reasons to adopt a senior dog, and we hope to show the world what incredible companions they are.

Here are some adoptable senior dogs located across the country. Please check in with each organization to learn more about how to adopt a shelter or rescue dog.

dog on couch


Isn't she lovely! Back in her day, Susie was a stunning contestant in beauty pageants. She was never awarded Miss America, but did win everyone's heart. She simply loves you for just being you. Despite being a silk pajama enthusiast, Susie enjoys backyard sniffaries and wouldn't think of going out...

grey and white terrier mix

Rocky Bobo

Rocky Bobo is a resilient soul and a top tier trail dog. He is a friendly, social type of guy who loves being with people. Also, he has the potential to live with a well-matched dog friend; He loves to play and romp in the yard with the other dogs at the shelter. Rocky loves trails and walks so he...

white and brown terrier on leash


Nola is the sweetest senior you ever did meet. At 8 years old she has retained an aura of youthfulness about her that makes her the perfect match for anything you want to do with her! Want to go on a run? Perfect! Want to lounge on the couch? She'll love it! Do you think she's the one for you? Visit...

scruffy terrier mix


If you’re looking for something (or someone!) to improve your memory, motor function and promote weight management, it may just come packaged as an eight year old Terrier mix known as Walnut. Packed with essential nutrients, an appetite for adventure and a good sense of humor, this happy fellow will...

black chihuahua with blue harness


Meet Ozzie! This sweet 10-year-old little guy is looking for a forever home where he can snuggle with someone all day. Do not let the age deceive you... At his age, he loves to go on walks and still has lots of pep in his step. If you are interested in adoption or have any questions please give our...

small white dog with red harness


Meet Zoo-Zee! This cutie arrived at Little Shelter blind. However, she does not let it dim his personality... She is always happy to go on walks and hang out with her companions. Stop by to meet Zoo-Zee today!

brown and white chihuahua mix


Self-described as lovable, cute and furry, this fourteen year old Chihuahua mix  is Grover. Playing the role of a mentor to the younger dogs, he shows them how to approach every situation with a “pawsitive” attitude and a willingness to learn. Despite being a senior, he approaches the world with a...

brown and white dog looking to the side


Meet Duke! He's a handsome boy searching for a new home! A sniffari is his idea of a wonderful outing. He loves to romp around outside and smell everything! He will leave no smell unturned. He enjoys exploring the great outdoors but then is also content to crash on the couch and take a snooze. He'll...

brown dog smiling


Lara is ready and patiently waiting for that special family to come along and take her home! Lara is an absolute sweetheart and adores affection of all kinds. Although she is not able to tell us about herself, she is giving us bits of her personality daily! She is a very docile gal, but like any dog...

grey and white hound dog


Meet Kenneth! This handsome old man is a big sweetheart! He is looking for a home where he can shine as the only pet, and really let his personality blossom. He likes to spend his time taking some nice long naps, but can pull out a burst of energy for a nice playtime! He's on the bigger side but...

husky dog with heart-shaped glasses


Moose may be approaching his golden years, but this handsome man is still young at heart! He LOVES to play with toys, cuddle with his humans (kids included), run around with other dogs of all sizes, and is a huge fan of wading in a creek or kiddie pool. He's sure to make you laugh with his typical...

white american bulldog with tongue out


I'm the big old buddy you've been looking for. Not too energetic, not too sleepy; just the perfect mix of fun. I enjoy just hanging out with other dogs, so I might like being in a house with a social dog. I spent a lot of years mostly outside but am ready for my forever home. I am looking for a home...