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Grey Muzzle is honored to be featured in an article on about a very special seniors-only rescue mission. For its 125th rescue flight, Pet Rescue Pilots, with a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, flew 23 senior dogs from California to Oregon, ensuring these older pups found loving homes.

Small Dog with Tounge Out
Rescue Flight Helps 23 Senior Shelter Dogs Find Homes So 'No Old Dog Dies Alone and Afraid'

It's a heartwarming senior-only adventure!

To celebrate reaching 125 flights and helping 2,500 shelter pets find forever homes — through cost-free plane trips for pets from overcrowded shelters to rescues with rooms to adopt out animals — Pet Rescue Pilots (PRP) planned a flight with only senior dogs (canines age 7 or older) on the passenger list.

According to a press release from the Los Angeles-based nonprofit, on Nov. 5, PRP flew 23 senior dogs from rural shelters with less space in California to Oregon, where rescue organizations RSQ209, Oregon Coast Humane Society, Loved Again Pets, and Bichons and Buddies greeted the canines and helped them settle into foster homes or in with their adoptive families.

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