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Muttville is based in San Francisco, California and since their founding in 2007, they have rescued over 8,000 senior dogs (and counting!). Wonderful dogs with loving personalities are euthanized at shelters at staggeringly high rates, simply because of their age. Muttville's mission is to create better lives for senior dogs (age seven and older) through rescue, foster, adoption, hospice, education and advocacy.  

Funded from 2008 to 2016 and 2019 to 2021
How we help: 

Every one of the more than 1,000 senior dogs that Muttville rescues each year needs medical care, and they spend whatever is needed on each dog to prepare them for a successful and comfortable new beginning. The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will increase Muttville's in-house veterinary program capacity, which will reduce pain and suffering by providing care more quickly, lower costs, and minimize the amount of time between intake and adoption. This grant will build on previous Grey Muzzle funding that has supported hundreds of senior dogs through Muttville’s programs, including Seniors for Seniors and hospice. 

Polka and Dottie
bonded pair of two small dogs