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    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Dental Expense Grant

    After a cross-country rescue effort by his personal heroes, 13-year-old Tucker, a blind stray, finally knows peace and the safety of home! If you’ve ever known a Lab, you know their mission in life is to make you happy. With that in mind, we hope Tucker’s story about the best in people helps to brighten this day.

    Can you imagine how scary the world would be if you were hard of hearing and couldn’t see, wandering through the world out on your own? Tucker was a stray, left out with no food or water except for what he could find. While blindly searching for something to eat, walking through rural Indiana on the weak hips that come with arthritis, Tucker would sometimes even fall into a farmer’s pond.

    Two kindhearted women working for a local animal rescue noticed that Tucker was in desperate need of help and made it their mission to get him to safety. Since their organization was not set up for long-term senior care, they knew Tucker needed a more specialized rescue. Though they lived four states away in Indiana, they heard about Safe Harbor Lab Rescue in Colorado from relatives in the Denver area. They knew he would be safe there and never have to fend for himself again! Tucker happily went along for the LONG ride with his new friends and traveled over 16 hours to start his new life!

    Despite the neglect he’d endured, Tucker had the most loving disposition, tail always wagging, aiming to please the way Labs love to do! In addition to arthritis and blindness, Tucker suffered from a heart murmur, painful dental disease, ear infections, and Lyme disease. We are so thankful that a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helped cover some of Tucker’s much-needed medical care. Tucker had a dental cleaning and extractions to alleviate his pain and started medication to help with his arthritis. To see him rolling around on his back with a joyful smile on his face like a puppy truly warms our hearts!! 

    Tucker is now in a permanent fospice home where he will live out the rest of his days adored by his foster mom, Angie! She says, “Tucker is such a good-natured, sweet boy. He gets along with everyone, even cats! He is blind, but he doesn’t let that hold him back from some of his favorite pastimes like exploring the backyard and rolling in the grass. However, eating is really his true passion in life. He’s gotten himself stuck in some teeny tiny places trying to get to a morsel of food. His dental procedure required extracting 6 teeth that were fractured and painful. I have no doubt that he feels so much better now! I’m so thankful that Safe Harbor was able to help this sweet old guy! He sure deserves it!”

    Sometimes it takes a village! We are so grateful to everyone involved in making sure sweet Tucker will no longer be lost or hungry and can instead enjoy his golden years surrounded by love. 

    Even when we feel helpless against the strife and suffering of the world, we can always help by offering kindness. To animals and each other, whether they are friends, our neighbors, or even strangers in need of compassion. Small acts of kindness and empathy can make a big difference in creating a peaceful world for all. 

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