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    Sherlock and Watson

    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Dental Expense Grant

    Bonded pair Sherlock and Watson were rescued by Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) from a rural shelter where limited resources and overflowing animals meant these two seniors needed help. Upon examination, ARNO's medical staff took a step back when they saw the condition of Sherlock's and Watson's teeth. They were the worst they had ever seen! This sweet duo had trouble eating due to the pain from infection, and they were in dire need of a dental with extractions.

    Thanks to The Grey Muzzle Organization's senior dental grant that your support made possible, ARNO was able to rescue these sweet seniors and get them bloodwork and the long-overdue dental care they so desperately needed. Afterward, their foster mom noticed a huge difference in their demeanor and energy level. They could finally eat without pain and were both so much healthier and happier!

    Once they were healthy, Sherlock and Watson just needed to find a home where they could stay together. They were so bonded that when one was at the vet, the other would search for him. They are brothers and best friends.

    Thankfully, Renee and Thom came along at the perfect time! Renee said, "I met a wonderful pair of bonded dogs, Sherlock and Watson. Even though they are estimated at ten years old or more, they definitely caught my eye on the Petfinder website. They are two of the cutest dogs you're ever going to see! Both are grey with expressive inquisitive eyes. Sherlock has a distinctive crop of hair that occasionally sticks up like a Mohawk and ears that perk up when he sees a cat or is otherwise alert. Watson is the more laid-back of the two. He has floppy ears and likes to flop on the floor with his legs splayed out. Both came to me having been wonderfully vetted with shots and impressive dental work. I'm so grateful that they were so well taken care of, as they are a very worthy pair. Thank you, Grey Muzzle, for the dental work. Thanks to ARNO for rescuing and vetting these two little cuties. We will love them for the rest of their lives!"

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