• Jelekeco, Geri and Rhino


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Keeping Senior Dogs in Homes

    Jelekeco and Geri have both experienced multiple lay-offs due to COVID-19, so when their 11-year-old pit bull Rhino got sick, they needed a little help.

    Rhino unexpectedly developed diarrhea and was not feeling well. Thanks to the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) Pets for Life program, funded by a Grey Muzzle grant, Jelekeco and Geri were able to take Rhino to the MHS clinic for significantly discounted veterinary care. 

    After his emergency visit, Rhino received antibiotics, special food and a probiotic supplement. After four days, he was feeling much better!

    Jelekeco and Geri expressed a lot of gratitude for the discounted services and care Rhino received. They’ve been a family since Rhino was a puppy. In fact, they named him Rhino because at an early age, he began head-butting everyone so they would pet him! He’s continued this trait in his old age, and Jelekeco and Geri can’t imagine life without their snuggly, cuddly boy.

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