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  • Reggie's backend with much fur missing
  • Reggie, recovered and happy, with canine buddy, Gracie


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    Poor, sweet Reggie was surrendered to a shelter in Florida by her owner who thought it was time for her to be euthanized. The nine-year-old was emaciated (weighing in at a mere 38 pounds!) and suffering from flea infestation, a large hematoma on her ear, and allergies. To top it off, as shown in the photo below, she was missing the bulk of her coat. Reggie was also emotionally shut down. In a wise move, the shelter refused to euthanize her and instead pursued cruelty charges against the former owner. Reggie was approved as a recipient of a Grey Muzzle Dogs at Home grant to Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida (GRRSWF) and everything changed. 

    Committed to saving Reggie and giving her back her life, GRRSWF assessed Reggie’s deterioration and treatment began with blood work, vaccines, medicine for a bilateral ear infection, tooth extractions and dental work. She also received parasite treatment and fungal medications for treatment of her skin condition and underwent surgery to remove the very large hematoma on her ear. Little by little, Reggie’s condition started to improve and a wonderful volunteer, Louise, from GRRSWF agreed to foster her. Reggie could barely walk at this point and was most likely deaf. Louise lovingly tried teaching her hand signals. With lots of TLC, Reggie began to thrive. Her long-neglected coat started growing back. She had renewed energy and was gaining weight and strength each day. In a few short months Reggie’s sweet, playful spirit and gentle soul blossomed. Now a 53 pound dog, she loves to go on walks with Louise and her plays with her Goldendoodle sister, Gracie. Louise decided there was no way she could let Reggie go and proceeded to adopt her permanently. She thanks GRRSWF and Grey Muzzle for helping to resuscitate this creature who was so worth saving. “Her love and loyalty are pure joy for me!”

    Beautiful Reggie (right) in her new home with her sister and best playmate, Gracie 


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