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    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    Leo was found wandering the streets crying and whimpering. He was taken to the local Humane Society where a massive, painful skin infection over most of his body was discovered. Workers were distraught to find lesions on his back and sides believed to be burns caused by a caustic liquid. Leo’s overall medical condition was beyond the scope of the shelter and Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon (SDRO) was called.

    SDRO immediately took Leo to a vet hospital where he was reported to be a sweet, cooperative little guy despite his suffering, and was dubbed “Leo the Lionhearted.” SDRO applied to Grey Muzzle for help with Leo's medical expenses.

    October 2008

    Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon reports, "To bring you up to date, Leo had a follow-up visit with his vet today and she is astounded at his recovery. His hair is beginning to grow back, his ears are still open and clearing up and, best of all, Leo has a spring in his step. One of the things that continues to amaze all of us is how loving this little dog is and how much he likes people.  These old dogs continue to amaze us!  We're very hopeful that Leo can move into a new home soon... Thanks again for all your help and support.  The work that Grey Muzzle is doing is much needed."

    February 2008

    Leo has been adopted! Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon tells us, "Leo has a wonderful home! Thanks for helping make it possible."

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