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  • Janie


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs


    Posh Pets rescue in New York City took 8-year-old Janie from a local government animal control shelter. She arrived in terrible shape with matting and tumor masses on her underbelly. Posh Pets immediately brought her to the vet’s office for a check-up, to be spayed, have her teeth cleaned, and have the tumors removed (with kennel cough from the shelter on top of it all). Janie had to be hospitalized for awhile, but through it all was in good spirits. As Posh Pets says, "like she knew she was on the beginning of a wonderful journey of recovery from years of neglect, and going to be feeling better, and have a home with someone who will love her again." Grey Muzzle is providing funding to help with Janie's medical care. 

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