• Diamond playing in the grass
  • Diamond August 2009


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    Diamond is a little Maltese, probably about 10 years old. Diamond's owners brought her into a shelter to be euthanized, saying they could not afford her. Posh Pets, a rescue organization in New York City, took her to the vet, where indeed he diagnosed her with a terminal  liver condition. He gave her 6-9 months to live. With medicine and occasional special nursing, Posh Pets believes she can live these last months happily as she is still very energetic. Posh Pets tells us, "Poor little  thing is losing all her hair from the illness, but she still walks around like she has long flowing hair and she is the prettiest thing ever. And that's what we tell her every day, how pretty she is. I am so glad we are letting her live out her life to the fullest. Thanks for your help."

    Grey Muzzle is very glad we can provide financial assistance to Posh Pets for Diamond. See Values on our About Us page for why we believe this is important work.

    August 2009

    "OMG!" was our reaction when we saw the latest pictures of Diamond. "Are you sure that's the right dog??" After writing about Diamond's struggle in our February e-newsletter, which featured hospice dogs, we were preparing ourselves for bad news. Posh Pets had a good LOL at us, "lively and feisty, also," they said.

    October 2009

    Diamond continues to improve, and rule the roost, and Posh Pets believes she is fully in remission.


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