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    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Dental Expense Grant

    We love when a senior dog's sad story gets a happy ending and a new beginning instead! At 15 years old, Chewpee the Chihuahua lost both of his owners within six months after they each sadly passed away. Family members noticed that his health and emotional state were in decline but could not afford costly veterinary care. They decided that euthanasia might be the most humane option, but the private practice veterinary euthanasia fees were also beyond reach. As a last resort, they brought Chewpee to Maui Humane Society to say a heartbreaking goodbye...

    Chewpee was underweight, flea-infested, had hair loss and flaky skin, long nails, and many missing teeth. Vet staff determined that he also had a grade IV heart murmur, severe dental disease, and was in the early stages of renal failure. Chewpee was dehydrated and spent some time in the shelter hospital receiving IV fluids and medications to get him stable.
    Once he started receiving lots of TLC, Chewpee became happier and brighter each day, to the point that he was so excited about his vet exams that he would need to be calmed down first! The veterinary team decided that Chewpee was not a euthanasia candidate after all. Instead, he was perfect for hospice care. 

    Thanks to your support of The Grey Muzzle Organization, Chewpee had a dental procedure with a whopping 11 teeth extracted. This long-overdue care immediately helped alleviate his pain and improve his overall health.

    Chewpee's life was about to get even better. He was moved into hospice care with James, the Maui Humane Society facilities supervisor. James had been visiting with Chewpee every day and was completely smitten. The feeling is mutual, and James now brings peppy little Chewpee to work at the shelter every day. The two are inseparable! If you mention Chewpee to James, he will grab his phone in delight and show you endless videos of Chewpee howling and having a blast as the family sings to him. 

    What a beautiful outcome for Chewpee, who now lives without dental pain and the health impacts of severe dental disease. He will live some of his best and final days with James and his family, surrounded by love and happiness. We are so grateful he was given a second chance!

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