Humane Society of Central Oregon

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The Humane Society of Central Oregon is one of Oregon’s largest nonprofit animal shelters, caring for thousands of animals each year. The Humane Society of Central Oregon serves people and pets from across the state through its programs, which include pet adoption, animal fostering and humane education. These programs and services are designed to promote animal welfare, address the reasons animals end up in shelters, find forever, adoptive homes for homeless animals, and help keep pets in their homes with the people who love them.

Funded in 2019
How we help: 

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will allow the Humane Society of Central Oregon (HSCO) to provide diagnostic and medical care for hospice dogs living in foster homes. Funding will also be used to provide screening and medical care for senior dogs who are up for adoption, ensuring their new families have a clear understanding of their health needs. This grant helps dogs like Squidward who arrived at the Humane Society of Central Oregon as a stray with no known history. While at HSCO, he was diagnosed with dental disease, painful hips, and a small growth that needed removal. After receiving the care he needed, a local veterinarian saw him and fell in love. Squidward (now Charlie) is enjoying his forever home with his two human and feline siblings!

Brown dog Squidward