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"Daisy" by Kristin Boes

I'd been wanting a dog for a while, and I'd pretty much decided on a senior dog for several reasons: 

1.   We have three cats and I thought a younger dog would be too rambunctious for them.
2.   We aren't particularly active people, so something a little more mellow would work better
3.   I knew they were less likely to get adopted
4.   Honestly, I wasn't sure how I would wind up liking the work of a dog, so a two to five year commitment seemed smarter than 15-20. 

A New Website Brings New Hope for Old Dogs

Throughout the years, there has been a lot of charitable work committed to rescuing and adopting out animals. And with good reason – rescue services will evaluate the potential pet, rehabilitate it if necessary, and provide you with a great companion for life. And let’s face it, there are way too many homeless strays out there that need a good home.

We at BlackMesh love dogs as much as we love hosting nonprofit sites. So when the opportunity came about to help a nonprofit dedicated to bettering the lives of dogs, we couldn’t resist.

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