Two by Two Rescue

Two by Two gives life to all abandoned, abused, stray, and  distressed animals without regard to age, breed, color, or medical condition, and keeps pets in their homes by offering relief to people in crisis. One of the nonprofit’s main goals is to reduce euthanasia and improve lifesaving rates throughout Alabama, a state with a 36.5% kill rate. Two by Two is proud of their success saving 96% of the animals they take in. They provide necessary medical care, a loving foster home, and a loving forever home, whenever possible.

The Pet Project

The Pet Project for Pets, Inc., is one of the largest pet retention organizations in Florida. With headquarters in Broward County, The Pet Project enables people with limited incomes who are elderly, disabled, seriously ill or temporarily unemployed to keep their pets at home with them rather than surrender to shelters due to financial hardship.

Seniors’ Pet Assistance Network (SPAN)

Seniors’ Pet Assistance Network (SPAN) is an innovative program whose mission is to foster the joy of companionship. SPAN supports the relationship and bond between low-income Dallas County seniors and their pets. SPAN’s clients are low-income seniors, age 67 or older, who live in Dallas County and have a companion animal. For many of these senior citizens, their pet is the only companionship they will have for weeks on end. 

Sacramento SPCA

The mission of the Sacramento SPCA is to foster a loving and compassionate community for companion animals and people by providing assistance, creating lifelong relationships, and saving lives. Since 1892, the Sacramento SPCA has worked to reduce pet overpopulation through affordable spay/neuter services, promote the humane treatment of animals through education and outreach, and assist pet owners through a variety of programs and services designed to keep pets and their families together for life.

Paws Humane Society

Paws Humane Society is the largest companion animal welfare organization in the region. Paws’ mission is to enrich the lives of both animals and people as a solution-based community resource for animal welfare by providing high-volume and high quality spay/neuter, rescue and adoption services, volunteer opportunities, outreach and education. The vision of Paws is to be the regional leader for animal welfare in adoption, spay/neuter, outreach and education to ultimately create a No-Kill Community. 


Muttville is based in San Francisco, California and since their founding in 2007, they have rescued over 8,000 senior dogs (and counting!). Wonderful dogs with loving personalities are euthanized at shelters at staggeringly high rates, simply because of their age. Muttville's mission is to create better lives for senior dogs (age seven and older) through rescue, foster, adoption, hospice, education and advocacy.  

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