• Dr. Lake-Bakaar

    Canine Infectious Respiratory Illness: What You Need to Know

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    You’ve probably heard about the uptick in cases of atypical canine respiratory disease reported in several states. The illness is likely viral, but there is much we still need to learn. Dr. Geri Lake-Bakaar will discuss what we know about the disease, precautions to protect your dog, and the tools veterinarians can use to help your furry family member if they get sick. 

    Dr. Geri Lake-Bakaar graduated from Harvard University in 2003 (BA), Cornell University in 2007, and the University of California, Davis (DACVIM, Cardiology) in 2013. Between veterinary school and her residency, she completed a rotating internship at the Animal Medical Center and a post-doctorate fellowship at Harvard/MGH. She is devoted to caring for all animals and providing compassionate, quality care to her patients. Geri is interested in education and provides continuing education lectures to veterinarians. She has also designed a series of client education materials. She is a section editor for an educational website on the Veterinary Information Network. Geri loves running races and riding her Peloton in her free time. Geri and partner Michael have two dogs (Max and Sir Fur), a horse (Brad), and a sassy 6-year-old daughter who also loves animals.